Zine Project

    This project is a Zine. As with most things I do, I went a little overboard with this project. It kind of took on a life of its own and became a mini hand bound book. The theme of the book is Obsessive Devotional Fetish Charm Juju. It’s not strictly a how-to book. […]

Photo Collage

The cliché phrase I chose was “The Quiet before the Storm.” I did interweb search of the phrase looking at images with that title. Seems, most people take the phrase literally. I wanted to take a different route with the phrase. I see the phrase as a contrast between calm and agitated. The concept I […]

7 Photographs: Textures

I find unintentional textures created through the process of changing something to something else extremely interesting. For example, someone trying to remove graffiti and doing a horrible job at it. It’s the idea destroying content, ideas or images, and creating new unintentional content, ideas or images. The idea of a blank piece of paper is […]