Shape color theory project

shape color theory project

                Okay, for those of you are visiting my blog for the first time, I have been asked to post projects from an introductory class to computer graphics course at Long Beach city college California. A quick synopsis of the project was to take 2 cut out shapes, place one inside the other and then to reverse the placement. The second part of the project was to use warm colors, cool colors, and complementary colors in the shapes. This project use Adobe Illustrator CS6.
                A few comments about the project. Always found color theory to be akin to a magic show. Don’t get me wrong and who doesn’t love a good magic show, but I have always viewed it as just another tool in my art box. I’ve always found it fascinating how things work. How the human brain perceives things and interprets them. It is always fascinating when you can place one color next to another color and create a sense of depth, energy, mood, and in some cases texture. Who doesn’t like to amaze their friends with a magic trick? Like a magic trick, it’s important to think about every aspect of the image. The placement of the shape, color, and size all should be created with the viewer in mind.

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