Against the Odds


What are the odds that simple bathroom graffiti would be posted on a blog. The serendipitous chance that someone would come along take a photograph. The inter-web is the new history book. Man has always left his mark whether intentionally or not for future viewers to see. Like the wall in Pompeii where some Pompeii citizen wrote “Cicero Maximus is a pig”. It was there for all to read, concealed by ash, and revealed again. It is not simply that this graffiti was captured at this point in time and place, what are the odds. But how many times it has been written or some other witty wordplay and been erase from history only to return. Think about it, the unfortunate janitor who spends his career standing and painting over graffiti until the day he retire. He will be replaced by a younger janitor to bear the yoke of unsuccessful endeavors.

Against the Odds


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