Photograph a Day


This project was to take a photograph each day. The theme was to have one constant element. For example, the photographs would be taken at the same time of day, same object, or same place over 7 days.
I chose an object that I haven’t seen in many years. The object has been obscured by overabundance and lack of movement. My children sometimes call it a rather large bowl of Jell-O. I said it! It is my belly that obscures that object. You may ask what the object is, we all have them, and we use them every day. It is needless to say it is “my big fat feet.” Sometimes I wonder what they’re doing down there as they carry me on their way. They sometimes lead me astray and sometimes they get in the way. They take me where they will want to go, and sometimes I asked what stuff is between my toes. I wonder sometimes what they are doing today. Are they in the leaves, or the weeds? Are they trying to learn computerease, or recall past memories? Sometimes, they get scratched by wires you see, and sometimes the kids pass by them like a breeze. They will always lead me down a path to create images like these.



6 thoughts on “Photograph a Day

  1. Love this!
    Each photograph works on its own, but together they tell a story. The last one, with the feet up(Sunday?), just is the perfect ending.


  2. Very interesting photos. I like how you included a clear perspective by using your feet and it seems like instead of your boots being the object of interest (which is what I assume?) the ground is constantly changing!


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