7 photos a week

The theme of the 7 photos is superstition.

I’ve never met anybody that doesn’t have some kind of superstition. They may have another name for but it’s always been a belief in something whether it is tangible or not. Reka Vivien makes excellent points in her essay about superstition. I have asked Navajo medicine man, Catholic priest, Baptists, scientists, and even my dad. I have come to the conclusion that it is part of our human nature and genetics. It is been with us since the time we became self-aware. It can be seen on the walls of secret caves, to colored sands on the sacred land, to the ceilings of religious buildings.

My 1st art show was called “Stealing My Soul”. It was based on the premise that when you take a photograph.  That photograph of the person would have a piece of their soul embedded in the negative. That is a pretty primitive idea. But later, with the advent of quantum mechanics, scientists have proven that when a light wave hits and Adam it is absorbed and that Adam gives off another lightweight which is then absorbed by another Adam. So in a physical sense when you have your picture taken there is a little piece of you in that photograph. In fact, we all leave little bit of ourselves and take a little bit of our environment with us every moment. When I create a printed image, I also create little fetishes as part of artwork. But the fetishes are never seen. They Are often hidden behind the frames were in the gallery. It is the act of creating fetishes that creates the power of the superstition. After all we are the ones that give the power to the superstition. This remind me of a story from graduate school. I never had a girlfriend most my life. Here I was 37 and never gone on a date. Someone said I should get up Milagro. So into one of those trendy South American kitsch stores where they had Milagros. So I got the one of a woman and a heart and put it in my wallet. To my surprise 3 months later I met my wife. Was it the Milagro and the superstition associated with it? Or was it the act of me opening up to see what was around me? Or was it divine intervention?


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