7 photos a week

The theme of this week 7 photos is things we find annoying



One of the things I find most annoying is dishonesty. These images are not about a political statement. It’s the fact that somebody goes out of their way to be dishonest. Life is not an easy thing. We all have to make decisions based on information we have available to us. These decisions we make sometime have a small impact and sometimes they can be life-changing. I was raised the time when a person put somebody else’s interest before your own self-interest. It was the time of “Us” before “self”. I truly believe there are still people that care about other people, but in this country we seem to celebrate the “me psychosis”. I believe it’s reached the point, at least in this country, that perception paramount’s reality. I’ve heard that in countries where authoritarian governments exist, the perception of reality overrides tangible facts. As I learned my craft as an artist I became abundantly aware of how artist play a role in this propaganda. We create a visual world that is first perceived and then understood. This is a tool that I use in my own art. I first draw people in with color and shape than most people are happy. But the work is not about the color it’s about the content. I’m always pleased when someone stops and spends time looking at my imagery. They say to me “wow I get it!” Not all art has to have a message. But I do believe all art should be honest. A poorly created on his piece of art has more impact to me then and expertly created dishonest piece of art.



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