Animal Text Logo


The animal I used for this logo project is called a tardigrade and is also called a water bear. This particular animal as that distinction of traveling to space and returning back to earth life. It is one of the few animals who can survive the extremes of hot and cold.

Sketches I use before using illustrator.

Two images derived from the sketches.


Ideas for animal text logo.


Examples of logos I found an Internet.


First ideas.


More refined ideas.

WB logo finsh 2 rework

Finished idea.

This is the first time I’ve ever design a logo for somebody else. It’s hard using the tools of illustrator, but I feel like I have a better grasp of them now. I have gained a greater understanding of the importance of vector graphics in today’s technology-based world.

The thinking process behind this was to create an extreme sports company logo. I’ve come to understand the importance of branding. I thought my ideas were clear, but it wasn’t tell I shared them with other people that I understood that imagery needs to be precise. Concept behind his design like a tardigrade, was to have a logo that would express the extremes that a tardigrade could travel; i.e. extreme heat and extreme cold. I tried to express that through colors I chose. The blue would represent the cold and the red would represent hot. The abstract drawing of a tardigrade I thought was more dynamic and expressing these extremes. After the critique I realized I was trying to put too much information into the logo. I think the simpler design is cleaner and more concise.


2 thoughts on “Animal Text Logo

  1. I think your logo turned out really nice looking! I could completely see it on all kinds of sports equipment and becoming very recognizable!


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