Photo Collage

turner RGB 8 bit

The cliché phrase I chose was “The Quiet before the Storm.” I did interweb search of the phrase looking at images with that title. Seems, most people take the phrase literally. I wanted to take a different route with the phrase. I see the phrase as a contrast between calm and agitated. The concept I was pushing was that old photographs would represent a simpler and quieter time. In contrast, computer parts represent a more modern and agitated time we lived. I tried to push this perspective of contrast with the background sky (black and white) and the stormy foreground (color).

The research I did on the phrase lead me to try to push the concept little further than normal. The phrase is more commonly known as “The Calm before the Storm.” The 1st written example of the phrase is part of the sermon written in the early 1700s. The phrase they used was the dark before the storm. I decided to use Turner’s painting “The Mew Stone at the Entrance of Plymouth Sound.” A lot of Turner’s paintings have a very atmospheric turmoil about them.

I believe I was kind of successful with the collage aspect of this project. I was having some difficulty deciding how closely I wanted to follow Turner’s painting in form. I did not want to just create a copy of the painting. The Buddha in the sky (the lady) was one of those issues. To me she appears kind of calming and is trying to say something about the overall work. But at the same time she becomes a bull’s-eye in the middle of the composition. I think I need to let the image rests for a while and come back and reexamine it. One of the great parts of this project is I learned how to use layers, clipping mask, adjustment layers, and how to group layers. There were over 150 layers in this project. Grouping the layers helped me to manage the project more efficiently. I found a newfound respect for Adobe Bridge because of all the images I was using.

turner RGB redo 8 bit

This is redo of the photo collage. I removed the figure in the center of the image. It seems to be a little more coherent without the lady. I think the ship still needs a little more work. I think they should be a little more contrast between the top of the ship and the background. Right now I think that’s the only awkward part of the image.


One thought on “Photo Collage

  1. THIS IS a great image and I really appreciate your process. Same as we discussed – try to pull out the ship by colorizing it – monochromatic – will help wit the transition between ideas top and bottom. A new word interweb – patent it


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