I admit it. I am a refrigerator abuser. There was a time when refrigerators were considered a fine piece of furniture. Now, like a sad old car. We put things in it and forget that they are there. We leave things in it a little too long and then throw them out. We stick things […]


I went to see the Brian Doan and Linda King art show at Long Beach City College Art Museum on Wednesday. I was there at 3:15 PM. To my surprise the art apartment was locked up tighter than a liquor cabinet and an AA meeting. Art shows are the time for the artist to shine. It’s […]


  This assignment was to create a photo collage. I’m pretty happy with the results based on the limitations of this assignment. I learned how to use the Clipping Mask to adjust each layer giving me more control over each layer. Using the exposure adjustment helped me to better integrate my digital images. The integration […]

Animal Text Logo

The animal I used for this logo project is called a tardigrade and is also called a water bear. This particular animal as that distinction of traveling to space and returning back to earth life. It is one of the few animals who can survive the extremes of hot and cold. Sketches I use before […]

7 photos a week

The theme of this week 7 photos is things we find annoying     One of the things I find most annoying is dishonesty. These images are not about a political statement. It’s the fact that somebody goes out of their way to be dishonest. Life is not an easy thing. We all have to […]

7 photos a week

The theme of the 7 photos is superstition. I’ve never met anybody that doesn’t have some kind of superstition. They may have another name for but it’s always been a belief in something whether it is tangible or not. Reka Vivien makes excellent points in her essay about superstition. I have asked Navajo medicine man, […]